Sensational Seventh Position For Gerard Farrés

Sensational Seventh Position For Gerard Farrés

07/01/2014 The rider from Manresa is at his best since signing with the Gas Gas EC 450 Raid, now in the first stages of the 
marathon n the mountainous area of the race, between Sanrafael and San Juan. A historical position for Gas Gas as this is the 
best result chieved by the Spanish firm in Dakar. Also highlighting the stage of Dani Oliveras, who has used his past as a 
TRIAL rider to become enshrined n a new stage of riders.

The course was battering and complicated for the participants. To prevent the timing-out of the seniors, the organization has

changed the course and has cut the special, so the riders have exited at km130 of the original layout. In short, a shorter but
no less intense stage. The riders have flirted with over 2,500 meters in altitude, with a peak at the end of more than 4,300
meters, at the foot of Aconcagua.

On a hard ground with stony climbs, and proper high mountain terrain, Gerard Farrés has returned to give his best ride,
"no problems, riding smoothly and I enjoy piloting the Gas Gas EC 450 Raid", an incredible seventh place, with a final
classification at aúpa in the thirteenth position overall. "I'm excited, I felt very comfortable," noted Farrés. A particularly
prominent role given that "a tough stage with much navigation" the first of the marathon stages, i.e., without assistance and
where everyone solves problems with his own knowledge of mechanics or with the assistance provided by other race
colleagues. In fact, Farrés has had a gesture of fellowship with Joan Pedrero (Sherco), who has assisted him in the first part
of the race.

Given the difficulty of the course, again we see the excellent character and skill of Dani Oliveras, who has taken advantage of

his trial techniques. He has finally reached the goal of San Juan in 32nd place which puts him at 39th overall in this exciting

rally. Marc Guasch has also risen to the adversity, finishing the test within a stones throw of the top fifty. One more day, and

Team Gas Gas continues to work as a team to improve day by day.

Tomorrow the race moves from San Juan to Chilecito. For now, the Dakar caravan closes the day at the Autódromo del Zonda,
the name of the hard blowing wind in this mountainous region of Argentina.



1. Joan Barreda   3h47’03”

2. Cyril Despres    +04’41”

3. Marc Coma  +06’56”
4. Alain Duclos  +10’51”

5. David Casteu   +11’17”

7.Gerard Farrés      (Gas Gas)  +16’50”                    
32. Dani Oliveras     (Gas Gas)   +01h17’40”

55. Marc Guasch      (Gas Gas)   +01h58’06”
80.Miguel Puertas      (Gas Gas)  +02h37’21”      

1. Joan Barreda  9h 56’44”
2. Cyril Despres  +13’04”
3. Marc Coma +13’56”
4. Alain Duclos +16’38”
5.Francisco “Chaleco” López +18’39”

13.Gerard Farrés(Gas Gas) +55’12”
39. Dani Oliveras  (Gas Gas)  +2h52’36”
54. Marc Guasch   (Gas Gas) +03h41’40”
85. Miguel Puertas  (Gas Gas)  +07h21’06” 

Fourth stage. Wednesday, January 8th
Stage 4: San Juan-Chilecito
Link: 210 km Special: 353 km Total: 563 km
For the drivers, the strategy comes into play. In the early morning they must pass a formal test of navigation and then must face the issue of tire wear, as they were very worn the previous day. In an atmosphere totally worthy of the far-west, they must cross rivers, explore canyons and in these areas often wide open, getting completely lost is possible.