Gibert Opens With Gas Gas In World Superenduro

Gibert Opens With Gas Gas In World Superenduro

26/01/2014 - The new rider for the Spanish Gas Gas brand did not find his rhythm in the special on the Mexican track and finished in ninth place. Gibert maintains his fifth overall position.

The fourth round of the World Championship SuperEnduro was held in the Mexican city of Guadalajara with great success as the crowd filled the VFG Arena.

Dani Gibert had a difficult night in his debut with Gas Gas. The particularities of the track did not let the Catalan rider show off his extraordinary talent that has allowed him to contest for the podium in some previous rounds.


After practice where he finished in eighth place, in the first final he improved and was able to finish seventh. In the middle final, his sleeve got entangled with another rider and he finished eighth. In the third and last final, Gibert was pressing for a good result, but suffered two falls that left him in ninth. Despite not getting a satisfactory result, the Gas Gas rider holds the fifth position in the overall championship standings.


The next round will be held in Barcelona, on Sunday February 9th at the Palau Sant Jordi, in the Catalan city.

1.      David Knight, 53 points
2.      Taddy Blazusiak, 52 points
3.      Jonny Walker, 44 points
4.      Mathias Bellino, 40 points
5.      Kyle Redmond, 34 points
9.      Dani Gibert (Gas Gas), 24 points

Provisional standings

1.      Taddy Blazusiak, 217 points
2.      David Knight, 199 points
3.      Jonny Walker, 156 points
4.      Alfredo G√≥mez, 146 points
5.      Dani Gibert (Gas Gas), 133 points