Free Gas Gas Quickshade with A New 2017 Enduro

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We are excited - Gas Gas Motos Spain are born again!  With new leadership from the Torot Group, Gas Gas are launching full steam ahead into the 2017 range of Enduro Motorcycles. 

Gas Gas is a renowned European brand which has been designing and manufacturing enduro bikes since 1985.  They are now exported to over 45 countries around the world.

Gas Gas has been renowned for it's quality and performance winning a large number of World Enduro Championships as well as the 2009 ISDE Championship.

GBT Imports are the exclusive importer and distributor of Gas Gas Enduro bikes into Australia. They have been imported into Australian since 2003. Making the commitment to compete in major world and local events, Gas Gas has been able to prove to the world their competitiveness at the highest level.

The ever increasing Gas Gas dealer network across Australia will allow current and future Gas Gas owners to make it more accessible to be part of the enjoyment that we know Gas Gas has and will continue to bring. 

We strive to support our loyal riders wiith parts now available online, and sent to you from your local dealer.  Whether you need advice, or assistance with your bike, your local dealer is experienced and on call ready to assist.

Look out - Gas Gas are back and here to stay!  

Now introducing new Kids Electric Motorbikes to the range ➣